IMPORTANT info: maintenance & inventorY Jan 10 THRU FEB 19


What is MAINTENANCE & INVENTORY and why is it a month long? 

I'm currently finishing up some holsters that have been scheduled.  I'm running behind due to the joy (not) of getting sick this holiday season and the real joy of helping more dog owners and dogs by co-creating a line of collars and leashes (more info on those HERE

After those ship, however, I'll be taking a sew break.  There's a lot to do, and as a rule, I pretty much take a month off to get all my machines service, replace items that are worn etc.... and conduct the dreaded yearly inventory! 8-\

I also take a long weekend with no working at all, to recharge with my family who definitely get neglected during the rush of work for the holidays.

What if I want to order a holster or have started the design process on one?

Basically those of you in the design process or who want to start will have slightly longer shipping estimate ranges to account for the down time of the machine maintenance this month, but but it's just for customizable holster orders and a few other items...I will be working with clients on the design phase and with embroidery and logo stuff, but won't have machines available to sew... It does give you more time to decide on swatches and layouts to be sure you got the right combo for your holster bag, so it's not all bad.  I know it sucks to wait longer to get a holster, but I am catching up and getting things in order to run more smoothly this new year... it's something I've done every year and it gives me and the machines a needed reset.  '

To try to make up for the delays, I'm offering a Free Gift with each holster that is ordered or finalized in design through-out January! 

  • An E-collar snap on strap to secure an e-collar remote directly to your holster

      or for those who don't have dogs, or use those

  • A snap on strap with a ring and carabiner for keys or anything else you'd want to snap to your holster 

      or for those who don't want either of those

  • a matching coin/"stuff" purse that snaps to the inside of the holster

In addition to the Free Gift, I'll also refund your shipping cost ($16 for USA USPS priority insured or $16 towards international shipping costs ) if your holster is later than the estimated ship range on your final proof! (unless you pay before Jan 19, 2020 MLK Day, cuz then you get free shipping anyway in the USA!)

What if I paid and I have a proof with dates? what if those dates have passed?

If you have a proof with a ship date range on it and have paid in full - this does not apply to you.  You should be getting regular updates, but if not, please email or go to CONTACT FORM

I am seriously running a few weeks behind at the moment but am committed to completing your holsters before I begin the maintenance and inventory process.  Rest assured.  

I am also including on of the above snap on gift of your choice, a matching coin purse, and am refunding shipping!

Wet Bisous Holsters "In Action!"


Feed coming soon


Watch this video to see how it's done, then head over to design your own! 

You have options on how to proceed:

  1. Pay Now for your holster and get $10=15 off + free HD Scotchgard (+$20)
  2. Design it now, if you aren't committed yet, and don't mind paying a bit more later.


Here's a list of where Wet Bisous will be, busy raising money to help animals and supporting rescues!

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Joni's Wet Bisous co-designed holster bag with an intense corgi theme (with fabric and corgi design help from @petfriendly and @corgithings) 

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