Why am I so passionate about these holsters?



I come from a family of extreme DIY-ers... I've heard it 100 times... "why wouldn't you just hire someone to do that, or just buy one?". If I needed something, and couldn't find something that was just what I needed or envisioned, I'd made it myself.  

That's how I got started making holsters... not because I'm 'Suzie Homemaker' or a member of the "Crafty Couture Circle".  I had done some sewing projects as a kid, but my main 'sewing' skills were in safety pin and staple placement back in my punk rock days (lol).  My friends would probably describe me more as a problem solver or artisan! 

I created my first holster to fill a need/desire I had.  I was forever losing my purse, keys, etc..., The product evolved aesthetically to suit MY personality and style along the way.   I started getting requests from friends and acquaintances to buy them, but they had to be better to give as gifts or sell...   So I spent an entire year (not every minute), honing my sewing, taking classes, designing and re-designing until I had something I was proud to offer my friends, and now my clients.

My Medium


I have used many different mediums to express myself and earn a living...clay, paint, hardwood, sterling silver, brass and steel.  I studied art and design. I worked in design and product development using  computer graphics, CAD and photo editing.

Now I work in fabric...

I am excited to be upping my game this year to include 







We do not offer leather or suede options, however we do offer quality faux (synthetic) suedes that are pretty darn cool. 

We are not part of any political  group. It's just a decision aligned with our mission for Wet Bisous to only be of benefit to people & animals, to do no harm. Therefore our stuff is cruelty-free, & human and animal-free. Wet Bisous is also an advocate of those who responsibly "adopt a pet" and "train a pet"!

My Inspiration


I adore dogs... I adore the underdog too.  Probably because I was one, like many other independent people determined to walk their own path.  But that tends to make for being a bit of an outsider.  

Being a bit on the periphery of things allowed me greater freedom to be who I am and care about what I wanted to and what I thought was right, however isolated I felt.  I have alway felt a connection to dogs, and that my purpose involved some symbiosis of aid and growth.

Dogs became my muse....

There is a special place in my heart for dogs and for those who take time to help them thrive well in this world of people.  


I am also hugely uplifted, and inspired by my clients (dog lovers or not!). I really want to help them express their unique gifts, style, while satisfying their practical needs along the way.

That's why I love making each and every Holster Bag!!

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What's New?

What's the latest additions, info and news from Wet Bisous?